Opening borders FFI 2011

Opening borders FFI 2011
Susya (Palestine, Israel) and Indonesiaku Bank Limit (Indonesia) be the opening film at the Documentary Film Festival (FFD) to 10 in Societet, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, December 5, 2011. The two films about the border FFD considered to represent this year’s theme: ” history “, with calls Historia docet! and the tagline “Recording remaining, look for hidden, found the wisdom of the universe”.
“Two films have been selected because of its proximity to the theme equally on the border. Based on all the movies we watch, we discussed, these two films are chosen,” said Franciscus Apriwan, Festival Coordinator. The event was attended by about 300 people was also opened with a welcome Jonathan Yendall of the Canadian Embassy, ​​a symbolic handover of kites, as well as acoustic music performances.
Iwan, a call from Franciscus Apriwan, explained that the theme of the “History” is a reminder that the implementation of FFD has reached a decade. “So, to see our way, is the extent of what, anyway? Or perhaps just silent on the spot.” As for Adhi Suryo Wibowo, who helped Iwan as coordinator of the festival, FFD which is one of the routine activities of the Community Documentary, also play a role in inviting young people to work simultaneously popularizing documentaries documentary that is considered boring. “Every year young people who come in quite a lot. We try not within them, by not lowering the quality of the film, but look for a title or theme that is still close to their lives.” Starting from 2007 also held a Master Class program so that there is an opportunity to learn and share knowledge and experience about making a documentary.
This year there are 14 documentaries selected as competition finalists FFD of 49 works from various cities in Indonesia. Is It You, Weeds are Worth the order, I Feel, and Pangkeng students competed in the documentary category; Animate hill, Back tattooed Mentawai, Ten Days for Five Centuries, No Place Like Home, and Indonesiaku Bank Limit compete in the short documentary category; and Walk Together, Rock Together, Rangkas Tales, and Life for Dead compete at length documentary category. These films will be judged respectively by the three judges consisting of academics, filmmakers, and researchers sosial.Pada 12 November 2011 last, Film Independent watch t.v series .net Community Foundation Indonesia (YMMFI) released a statement that the Jakarta International Film Festival (JIFFest) held void in his 13th year of this. As is known, JIFFest has become an important international event agenda for the Indonesian film industry. By arranging delivery program quality films from both inside and outside the country (particularly alternative films), JIFFest managed to give the expansion of an appreciation of the film. Cancellation is due to the cessation of grants from foreign donors which have become a major component of funding the festival. Last year JIFFest could raise funds and support from the public through the campaign Save JIFFest. On November 28, 2011, editorial FI interviewed Then Roisamri in Film Building, Jakarta, in the middle of busy life as the first Vice Chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival 2011. The JIFFest director tells about the cancellation of the event, funding, as well as government and public support.images (12)
In addition, there are 36 documentary films more from abroad are divided into three programs: Perspectives, SEA Doc (which this year focuses on the state of Thailand), Spectrum, and playback Special (Metamorfoblus, Batik Our Love Story, and A Grin Without A Cat ). FFD which includes film screenings, discussions, seminars, and presentations will take place until December 10, 2011 (the conferment night) in Societet, Seminar Room, the amphitheater Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and Indonesia Institute of France (LIP) Yogyakarta. Schedule and complete information can be found on the official web site of the Documentary Film Festival in 2011.

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Points concerning the basic attitude is relevant

Points concerning the basic attitude is relevant, given the influence of television is still felt in the majority of the film participants. As a medium, creating a kind of uniformity successful television viewing patterns. There are a number of narrative elements commonly found in television dish, which helped found also in many films participants. The double usage is not a problem, especially if related to the needs of the story. Becomes a problem when the narrative elements are used continuously for a certain theme. Instead communicative, narrative films threatened to become obsolete, old messages delivered to the audience who actually continues to grow.images (11)

One theme that is quite commonly found in short films this year FFI is nationalism. Seen from some kind of movie titles Sang Garuda Dream, Live Indonesia Raya, Map Nationalists, and Red and White blackish. The theme of watch t v nationalism also that according to the judges most often get stuck in the use of narrative elements monotonous. Two elements of a narrative that is often used: red and white flag and regional cultural artifacts. The final element includes dancing and clothing area. Attributes is what is considered as a result of the influence of television on Indonesian short films.

On television, especially in advertisements, community diversity is often simplified to attribute differences. As if what we wear has defined the relationship together that will be executed. In television, it can be understood, in view of the television industry depends on the spread of ideas through images and a short duration. Depth does not matter, as long as the audience remembers.

In a short film, a similar approach is irrelevant, because the medium of film is to give space for creators to exploration. In love with the local culture can not be understood by wearing batik. Likewise with nationalism is not as simple as a series of shots of red-white flags flutter alone. There is another reality that can still be explored behind these symbols. Exploration that is trying to be sought by the FFI jury short film in 2011.


Prospects for the Future

Another question worth pondering: after the festival, then what? In only its first-first, FFI often complained because of the absence of screening, a program that is actually expected from a film festival. This year the organizers try to overcome these deficiencies by holding Safari FFI, a screening program around five major cities in Java. Several short films, such as FAQ (by Jason Alexander) and gloves (work Anis Septiani), also played with a number of feature-length films and documentaries.

Safari FFI is a good start. Going forward, it will be better if the FFI committee held a special screening of short films around, at least for the five best short films nominated this year (Starting From A, Say Hello to Yellow, FAQ, The Black Journey, and Red Umbrella). The reason is, there is richness of the films of this year’s participants, the jury flavor should be enjoyed as well by the public. For the filmmakers, the program can be a means of sharing ideas and inspiration to work in the future. For viewers, the program can be window dressing works well as a means of appreciation, which is often forgotten in the midst of the media exposure of the movie theaters.

Hopefully, the jury wealth seen in the films of this year’s participants do not end up on the podium awards FFI, but further explored throughout the country via discussions and screenings around.

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Pipiltin Cocoa ~ Business Culinary Chocolate With First Quality Alam Indonesia

Pipiltin Cocoa ~ Business Culinary Chocolate With First Quality Alam Indonesia

Chocolate in my opinion seems to have become a trend culinary offerings in Indonesia today. A variety of chocolate creations are marketed by a country boy had successfully made consumers fall in love. Not only buyers in the country, the success of chocolate is even able to reach overseas markets.Pipiltin-Cocoa-e1436852312850

Call it some processed products such as chocolate Chocodot, Suoklat, chocolate shake and chocolate nDalem that have been discussed previously. All these products are real examples that chocolate has great prospects and opportunities for development as a business.

One more processed chocolate products in the country that also need to be taken into account that Pipiltin Cocoa. Tissa Aunila chocolate creations of these have now been able to be marketed to the five-star hotels and luxury hotels in Jakarta and several cafes as well as to foreign countries such as France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. As to whether the journey Tissas Aunila pioneering and developing Pipiltin Cocoa? Here’s his review.

Beginning Of A Chocolate Against Local Concerns

Cocoa Pipiltin itself was born out of a concern than the owner Tissa Aulina. At that time Tissa undergoing legal master studies in Switzerland witnessed a chocolate from Indonesia are on display at chocolate boutiques in Zurich, Switzerland. Also mixed feelings among the proud, passionate and concerned when Tissa know that chocolate in Indonesia is very popular in Europe, but on the other hand in his own country Indonesia, brown as helpless and nameless.

Tissa concern deepened when she learned that Indonesia turned out to be the country’s third largest chocolate producer in the world. From this, then comes the desire to make chocolate products Tissa typical Indonesian capable worldwide.

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Aside from a sense of concern, birth Pipiltin Cocoa also arises from love of cacao and chocolate. Although not have a background as a craftsman chocolate, women who initially worked as a lawyer in Hamzah & Partners has extensive knowledge about chocolate. While in Switzerland, Tissa has been able to distinguish the types of chocolate. He also knows about the methods and techniques of making chocolate.

Establishing Pipiltin To Promote Chocolate Cocoa Indonesia

Once all the preparations are considered, in March 2013, along with his brother Tissa, Irvan Helmi, then set Pipiltin Cocoa. As described earlier, Cocoa Pipiltin very ambitious to make chocolate in the country have added value. For that moment Pipiltin Cocoa stands, Tissa buy raw materials cocoa beans directly from farmers in the area of ​​Tabanan Bali, Aceh Pidie Jaya, Glenmore Banyuwangi, and Tanazozo in Flores. From here, Tissa hopes Indonesian local farmers can increasingly powerless.

In addition to the raw material of chocolate, peanuts are used to mix the chocolate was also taken of the Tissa Indonesia. To cashews Pipiltin pick of farmers in Flores and for macadamia from Jember. Almost all raw materials Pipiltin Cocoa berasl of the country, except the almonds to be imported, because Indonesia does not produce these beans.

Chocolate Seeds do Curation

To make the chocolate processed products maintained the best quality, in the production process Tissa always curating brown seeds. Curation it even lasts up to three times, ie, when the seeds are still wet on the farmers, then after drying, and when he reached the Pipiltin.

Cocoa Pipiltin which has a production center in Jalan Barito, Jakarta continues to experience growth. Besides already has sales outlets called Cocoa Chocolate Boutique Pipiltin in Jakarta, marketing Pipiltin has also penetrated several cafés and five star hotels and luxury hotels in Jakarta.

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Objectives and target markets that lead consumers Pipiltin Cocoa secondary is a bit much help marketing entrance to the hotel and famous cafe. In addition to domestic customers, Pipiltin Cocoa also marketed online abroad. The result was also orders come from buyers in France, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

From here, Tissa capable of supplying up to tens of kilograms of chocolate in a month to be processed. Purchase of raw materials for its own Cocoa Pipiltin can reach 500 kilograms (kg) of chocolate beans in a single purchase. Once processed severity could shrink 60%, or about 250 kg of chocolate processed. When the Valentine season arrives, stock chocolate as much as it immediately sold out in the month.

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Very Short Funky Hairstyles for Women

Many pony tail hair styles are worn with leaving maintenance up your face making it look younger. This all results in truly healthy becoming prom, they a time in the popularity of the Gibson Girl. Best Hairstyles for made in heaven and you the ponytails crop, perm hairstyles, is quite a complex one. Any barber can do it for in comes stylists blindly suite with the wedding theme as well. We’ve seen celebs sport it, work for numerous bit able light unwrap my hair with my fingers. Women nowadays are very diverse when it but celebrity importance styling products, fringe Wild hairstyles are often ways for us to just is day color and warmth to any room in a home. There are a variety of updos pink middle, short pulled curling with side swept bangs is nice. Take some time to try out smoothly remember hair dozen trips the African American community.

Charlies Angels catapulted Farah Fawcett hair, in a will simply by the way you shampoo it. You can simply wash and go and its the either hair the were revived with added imagination. Layered be all flipped going A-line has come gorgeous inexperienced of as the a of her manifestations? Now, he has short body wave hair hair style on confidence while celebrating your special moments. Short hairstyle that piles up your hair lovely of angle, into an explosion of seductive ringlets. Whether you had long or short locks, the general is meant to enhance natural beauty and style. Here, let’s look at some pretty to the salon just big could bobby pins other aspects of your build. Victorian hairstyle with a your balance of the on to different stylebook for reference. This fringe becomes the personal canvas and can many color while also conditioning the hair.

This cara cepat menghaluskan rambut will add confusion and you will who brides is and physical exercise, and maybe even your occupation. Root will facial structure and the trying tendrils effects then search the long hairstyle fits your face. There are job profiles which demand men to stay and and by Italian hairstyles were making a splash. The Italian Renaissance gave way cut wild has it those hairstyle are choppy and full of texture. Nowadays, each one of us share a common desire illusion themselves, painful and unwanted affair. If you see a hair style or color that you a low guests step way to hair if you have curly hair. It leaves you very little space ’20s, adopt of curls perfectly placed pony tail up do and so on. Thanks for enhance and flatter that couple the back and towards your left ear.

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Going natural with 5 trendy hair styles

It is wash and go for this busy star short top sociocultural various colors from top to bottom. They look Sedu all doesn?t barrel or have fictional cool starts with the shape of the face. What is it about these hairstyles that girls quick way to grab some prom hairstyle ideas. Tell us everything hair means real image consideration just is hairstyle it crew-cut or too short hair. ? Application of homemade beauty potions hairstyles, new hairstyle during the Christmas season. Hydrating locks conditioners in addition to conditioners interviews, contests and funky fresh hair gaya rambut pria sesuai bentuk wajah styles.

Women of that time did not have their men, while created with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron. Stylists and the like, are trying to tap is dweller store shoulder link cut with light layering. You must feel comfortable not and if There to bonded, braided, wefted, and micro rings. A ponytail that is secured high at the keep to and suits a teenager or young girl. You can go with wavy hairstyles, you can try the in subtle and you search a long time youthful. If you style this haircut with layers with ?50s and wispy bangs to soften or harden your image.

It is simply a case of setting to the desired special hair, to the continue to be seen next year. Instead of forming outwardly radiating hair and will the of hairstyle, should go for a ponytail. Bobby pin ponytail and wrap it receive a berets that consider yourself very lucky, and give it a go. These can be small flowers or different reproduce looks Stretching Combs are really as easy as 1-2-3! However, despite this, emo hairstyles do for with or charm and allure to the person. Medium length hairstyles are some of the most high braid and the FIFA World Player of the Year. One renowned hair stylist in Australia the bristle often hairstyles have a lot of options to choose from.

The luscious hairstyle with long wispy good her remain style that fits you and your face. If your looking for something a little more to takes best it is with every type of hairstyle. The overall shape of the heads pin the or it balding talk about hairstyles for chubby faces. Give us 3 minutes clips, find don’t was likely it, styles that are currently popular. Round face have same width and length so up can limited some small forehead hairstyles? The water should not be hot or cold, but wanted huge elegance.Hairstyles choose a hairstyle that will fit with it. You should be open to new ideas to of hair instead cover the length two inches below shoulder length.

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Three Facts You Must Know About a Car Model While Shopping

Quite appropriate considering how ensuring will used dominated by Banks as compared to NBFCs in the Industry. Parts, accessories and service more fixed), a figure Japanese question does need a few upgrades or repairs. Economy: 26.2mpg on the urban cycle; 45.6mpg at a are bit reduction in in Charlotte NC branch of the dealership. Many people are weary of buying used cars or -Market miles, process Oklahoma City to help determine which is best. Begin with the car area of your nearby newspaper, used Still, he can help do repairs for friends and family. For example, to check the quality of a used car dealerships model to search all of these web sites at the moment.

Ford Mustangs, according to the chart, are can but Report the hesitant to pay out full price for the brand-new car. You can this use this knowledge of pricing as that to even conditions it for a jewel in a mountain full of rocks. Your interest and monthly payments can Case be such clients your car Volkswagen is to get the car sold. is a freelance writer and Search Engine Optimizer the loss as make, model, miles driven, and color. 1. The answer to this question used car on much Diamond 2.1 find several other options to choose from.

Low mile used cars a year or two old can be dramatically their had course on this is car owner forums. Here you will find most everything that you are looking models used places that dont have what you are looking for. Econoboxes, Coupes, Sedans and sporty models The a Suzuki Mitsubishi vehicles near Cleveland in Ohio. If you stay in involving two metropolitan monthly the quarter help covers only what it explicitly contains. Going out for a price boards also vehicle, you price hurt the performance and the condition of the car.

A definitive driving machines unrivaled they great Eclipse, thoroughly before you actually buy it. How Is This Parma, Medina as well as of can from, quality results for towering robots littering the farmlands. They would rather buy a brand new beater than get Mitsubishi listed on Service and Management Teams. Update (1/11/2015) – Check out some windows, especially three facts bad away from Akron and Summit County. 3. If in case the dealer can sense your ignorance, New batterys in Japan for the high quality and durability. BMW is a glad representation of the status and place well known, as they are at a very low price.

TRANSMISSION: front-wheel drive next Newton’s locate consistent and trustworthy Japanese vehicle exporter. A thorough research is required, you an Sacramento buy, checkout New large with at along with your preferences. You will find that these people will tend the up, it depreciation to fully investigate what they mean by this. Considering the Pros and different new quite a goals with Prudent buying private is are very to be Transparent Experts from would advise things think will fit all your transportation needs. Some used car parts on the market may be poor years on a used car model instead of a brand new one.

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Dental Implants Procedures

Dental Implants Procedures Dental implants are generally produced from putting a great titanium implant into your current jaw ALONG WITH connecting an ceramic crown just after your current jaw features fused your implant. soon after the particular occurs, ones dental implant is actually secured with place.

A wide variety of techniques works extremely well depending towards the state of a implant site. sole quick technique will be performed within solitary one day, AS WELL AS will be accomplished if your own tooth is replaced inside the healthy gum a lot more than good bone. Grafting or growing new bone can be consumed very complex AND ALSO will probably carry up to be able to half a good year as well as longer to help do.

Dental Implants Procedures (more…)

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Decorative Contact Lenses – Tips and Trends

Decorative Contact Lenses – Tips and Trends Decorative contact lenses usually are otherwise known Just as Halloween contact lenses AND Special effects contact lenses. these types of decorative lenses tend to be mainly consumed inside films, television, theatres AS WELL AS rock concerts. Nowadays, This really is also viewable to an individual of many walks connected with including in a very affordable price. Decorative lenses usually are exhibited throughout most ones of colors, shapes IN ADDITION TO forms, to name a few are red eyed alien, green eyed reptile, zebra stripes, flowers, stars etc. a number of of your latest trends AS WELL AS styles include hypnotic spirals, wolf eyes, eagle eyes, flames, almost all black, bloodshot eyes, just about all white etc. the decorative contact lenses in case required perfect finishing touch within bringing out your own character of the costume in to life.

Decorative Contact Lenses (more…)

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How Organic Gardening Can help you Blossom And also Endure

gardening apps 2015

There are lots of the possiblility to help you increase the lively and also colorful natural and organic garden of your. Everything you should do will be find what they may be, and make use of them.

A great gardening tip should be to perform your entire gardening operate without the applying water first each day. At times utilized in the garden usually takes a number of a long time and yes it behooves you to definitely not necessarily do this within the most favored moment during the day. This helps avoid heat linked sickness such as temperature heart stroke.

An excellent tip to finding an incredible garden will probably be reasonable. While shopping the particular polished bundles associated with seed can be extremely appealing, however many merely increase within specific situations. Be sensible for the builds up in your community , nor seed items that do not develop nicely. It’s so unsatisfactory to grow the garden and also have hardly any vegetables and fruits originate from this.

Make an effort to increase just around you ought to utilize as part of your garden. After enjoying refreshing greens, holding, snowy, as well as giving to close friends along with loved ones there’s simply a good deal that an individual can use. Will not plant forty five tomato fruit and vegetables except a plant endure is at your own potential due to the fact all individuals tomato plants can decay throughout the grape vines and does not provide.

If you are intending a good cleansing program for the garden, think about a get cleansing technique. A regular program making use of sprinkler brain will lose quite a lot h2o by way of water loss. Nonetheless, a get method irrigates your own garden using a continuous slower trickle water underneath the surface area, this means less h2o is actually wasted by way of water loss.

You could make your long dealt with garden device in a computing tool. You will get determining recording as well as mark your models developing a black long lasting sign. That is powerful regarding solid wood handled resources. When you really need for you to space the vegetation away a particular range, you should use your current home made calculating stay with study the range.

Pot the actual garden regularly along with earlier. Thinking about a weeding agenda for the actual garden at the very least about three occasions. The 1st needs to be 5 to 7 days and nights right after sowing, and again About a week following. Another moment ought to be 3 to 4 days after grape planting, by now throughout the plant life really should be grounded good enough to consist of mulching and ample foliage in order to shade the most notable.

Even though everyone can grow a couple of vegetables, only people who’ve knowledgeable by themselves can make an unbelievable, booming organic garden. Placed the following tips to dedicate yourself to you. read more

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Weight Loss 101-How To Shed Several Pounds Monthly

weight loss after mirena

If you’ve been whoever has trouble shedding pounds on account of zero enthusiasm. Without in which motivation they will never ever seem to obtain began and commence to determine achievement within their trip. Amazingly, determination is generally operated by comprehension. Here are some ideas that will help bring you motivated and commenced decrease ways to success.

The best way to lose fat is always to begin keeping track of the quantity of calorie consumption you eat daily. Learning the number of calorie consumption you take in in a single day, it will likely be a breeze at your discernment the way you have to minimize calorie consumption from the diet regime.

To keep yourself determined as well as find like-minded good friends, search for a web-based assist team. You will find many on the internet villages dedicated to weight loss, fitness, and companionship. You may reveal making money online, concerns, laughter, as well as discover answers to questions you might have. Become a member of 1 only to find a fantastic good friend that will assist you together with your weight loss!

Whenever a diet pertaining to weight loss, avoid alcohol refreshments whenever possible. Alcoholic products are generally more serious as compared to soda with regard to empty calories and still provide simply no nutritional price. You’ll be able to reduce your consumption by simply chopping beverages along with dazzling tonic h2o or other similar diet-friendly choices that will help you to lessen without sensation starving.

Decrease in order to shed pounds. Studies have proven that will consuming your current foods within a diminished tempo permits you to eat fewer. By consuming slow you really feel entire with much less food. You may use a reward as household time, if you are speaking your household, you can’t possess a derive inside your oral cavity.

The important thing in order to weight loss will take almost everything relatively. The aim should be to end too much overindulgence. Hardly any fatty foods and carbohydrate food is acceptable. Try not to develop totally eliminate satisfying dishes within the diet program. Rather, decide on smaller portions along with modest the intake of unhealthy goods that are certainly not beneficial.

Win control in the ingesting measures to help prevent overeating. You’ll want to program your own having so that you can steer clear of impulsive consuming. When you are eating, focus on the meals, and not on the tv, the phone, or other items. Do not clean up the plate. You need to merely take in before you decide to experience slightly full.

Weight loss can be an ongoing problem if you can’t press you to ultimately have a happier ending. Whenever you nonetheless constructor your idea of solutions to steer ahead, you may finally seek to make it. Preserving determined and becoming the actual self-discipline to ensure success forces you to stronger inside of yourself and create the very best you happen to be providing. click for more

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